4th of July

Coming up on the 4th of July we’d like to wish everyone a happy Holiday.  Please be careful out there and don’t burn your fingers lighting fireworks.

Setting up a correct PPC

While some companies achieve great success with their pay per click (PPC) campaigns, some only report dismal results. This is really regrettable especially when you remember that any PPC campaign costs both time and money. Why do some companies fail while others report resounding success?

Ad quality
A PPC campaign is doomed to fail if the quality of the ads is not good enough. Just as you make great efforts to create outstanding content for your website, you should put equally great efforts in the creation of your ad. Since your competitors could be running similar ads, it is important that your ad stands out from the crowd otherwise there will be nothing to entice people to click on it. A good quality ad will be professionally designed and will address the specific needs of potential customers. For this reason, ads that contain misspellings and jargon are unlikely to be helpful to your campaign.

Misleading ads
To encourage people to click on their ads, some companies create enticing subject lines which make promises that cannot be fulfilled. This is certain to make a PPC campaign for several reasons. For one, the people who click on your ad are unlikely to convert because you are unable to deliver what you promised. In that case, the clicks cost you money and give you nothing in return. Secondly, it is important to remember that your ads are monitored and misleading ads could earn you the wrath of Google who will then remove them.

Overbidding on keywords
To make your PPC budget manageable, it is important to only bid on the keywords that are likely to bear fruit. At the beginning of a campaign, it might be impossible to tell exactly what those keywords are but this should become clearer as the campaign progresses. Some companies solve this problem by bidding on several keywords at the start and, one discovering the keywords that are bringing conversions, adjust their budgets and hence only concentrate on the keywords that perform.
Failure to measure performance
For a PPC campaign to be successful, the company has to constantly collect analytics to show it the direction in which the campaign is headed. Failure to use analytics might mean that the company will continue spending money on keywords that are not in any way aiding the campaign.
Apart from activities on the company website, it is also important to find out how a PPC campaign could be impacting other areas of the business. Has it, for instance, led to more phone calls or in-store visits? Such details will help provide guidance for future marketing efforts.

Bed and Breakfasts

When you are visiting a new destination and crave for truly personalized service, staying in a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) could be all you need. Historically, B&Bs were lodgings provided in people’s private homes which meant that the visitor got to experience life there just like the rest of the family that was playing host. Today, B&Bs do not strictly meet this criteria (since you’ll find plenty of them located in the middle of the city you are visiting) but the spirit of the original B&Bs has persisted.
Perhaps the best way to appreciate what a B&B really offers is to compare it to what you expect in a large hotel. When you stay in a hotel where a hundred other people are guests, you can appreciate that you could easily turn out to be just another statistic. The staff in the hotel is most probably overstretched and it would be too much to expect them even to remember your name after a few days.
The situation is totally different in a B&B. If the B&B is located in someone’s private residence, it goes without saying that during your stay you’ll interact fully with the members of the household. From the moment you book your accommodation on phone to your arrival, you’ll already be communicating with your host like old friends.
For all their intimacy, B&Bs do not compromise your privacy. On the contrary, you are likely to enjoy more privacy in a B&B than you’d enjoy in a hotel. However tiny the B&B is you’ll be guaranteed a private bathroom. Depending on the arrangements you have with the owner of the establishment, you can have your breakfast served in your bedroom or you can take it with your host.
One of our favorite guests had a company doing moss removal. When we asked him for more information he politely let us know this was his vacation time and he wasn’t interested in talking about it.
Should you stay in a B&B located in a person’s residence or ranch, you not only get a chance to get truly close to your host but are assured that your most important dietary considerations are taken into account. Even if B&Bs are strictly supposed to serve you only breakfast, you can always make arrangements to have additional meals here (at an extra cost, of course).
Whether you stick to only the breakfast or have additional meals, B&Bs are popular for serving food that is sourced locally and will be prepared taking into consideration any special needs you have. You might, for instance, be a vegetarian or a person who does not take sugary foods for medical reasons. Such minute dietary details are best take care of when you stay in a B&B.