Managed Web Hosting

While choosing a web host should be done with great care, the way the website is managed will also play a crucial role in determining how useful it turns out to be. As a business owner, you have the option of managing the site yourself or letting the web host do so. Given these choices, what makes some business owners prefer managed hosting?

Expert knowledge
A provider of web hosting services is a professional who is fully dedicated to providing these services 24/7. There are many issues that need to be addressed as emergencies which the business owner might not have the expertise to deal with. Some companies handle such issues using their IT departments but it is not always the best option.

The staff in a company’s IT department are usually well-paid pros whose services can be used in more meaningful ways rather than keep them busy just watching the functioning of the server. Outsourcing this function releases such staff for more beneficial jobs.

Cost effective
Managed services come at a price but it is usually a small price to pay when you consider the other savings you will make. Were you to negotiate for bandwidth as an individual, you’ll discover that you’ll pay much higher than the provider of web hosting services who is able to negotiate for more competitive rates because of making bulk purchases. The same will happen when you buy hardware parts and software as well as server space. In the final analysis, the savings you make when your serve is managed by a pro far outweigh the costs of self-managing.

Greater reliability
Web hosting comes with a host of security issues that could be beyond the control of your IT staff. However dedicated your staff might be, they might not be in a position to understand all the latest security issues and threats. A pro that does this all the time is in touch with all such threats and issues and is usually on the lookout for them. What this means is that such a professional will guarantee that your system will operate free of security risks making it more reliable and profitable.

Once you can confirm without a doubt that the provider of your web hosting services will provide support 24/7, it will prove prudent to let the provider also manage the hosting. Should something go wrong (as usually happens) you can count on the services of the dedicated pro to solve such problems before they negatively affect your business.